"She genuinely cares about me improving"

- Ed, Chicago, IL on 7/20/2017

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if you look at Alison's list of accomplishments and academic achievements you have no choice but to be impressed. However, all that is meaningless unless it can be successfully imparted to the student and that is where Alison excels. i have fortunately been her student for over a year and from the very beginning when I admittedly knew nothing she introduced the foundations of playing the violin in a simple, methodical, straight forward manner with each lesson building on the last and backed up with understandable explanations that showcased the depth of her knowledge in all aspects of the violin which made every lesson instructional and interesting. i've stayed with Alison because of her patience and positive attitude, her open acceptance of endless questions, her sharing with me the necessity of having realistic expectations, and most importantly, in spite of teaching violin being a job, she genuinely cares about me improving. And as if all this isn't enough she adds humor and charm to her lessons. Thanks, Alison!

"Very knowledgeable, professional, and very patient"

- Clare, Chicago, IL on 1/13/16 

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Alison was an excellent teacher on the violin. She has clearly been teaching for some time as she was very prepared for the lesson by asking key questions ahead of time and then addressing them on the first lesson. Alison also took the time to make hands on corrections on the fundamentals of holding the bow, violin, addressed chin and shoulder rest concerns, etc. I highly recommend Alison for adults and children. Excellent teacher."

"Alison is a wonderful violin teacher...a rare find!"

- Julie, Chicago, IL on 8/24/15

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"Two of my children needed help to summer with their violin and Viola seating audition music for the CYSO. Alison over the last couple of weeks has been wonderful. My son is at a lower level orchestra and is 8 yrs old and my 14 year old daughter is on the top orchestra. Alison was able to connect with both of them very quickly and adjust her teaching style to their individual needs and personalities. He style is easy going but purposeful, it is amazing how much she has been able to help them in a few weeks. My son said he looks forward to his lessons and wants to do well. She broke down difficult music into little pieces and when it is all put together, it will sound great. We highly recommend Alison. Alison is primarily a violin teacher but was able to really help my daughter win professional level viola music. She is pleasant, professional and connects well with children and teens."